Your Escape Game in Brussels

You have 60 minutes to save P.E.A.C.E. the most powerful artificial intelligence never created. Come discover a new generation escape game in Brussels.

Your mission !

The technological singularity has been surpassed. An artificial intelligence has reached a level of consciousness comparable to that of a human. You have been recruited by one of its designers to come to its aid, bringing it back to the surface of the world.

Take up the challenge!

A unique escape game

Explore over 100 square meters of an ultra-secret abandoned laboratory under Brussels.

You have 60 minutes to build the professor’s latest invention in order to save P.E.A.C.E. from destruction.

Custom technology

Dystopia is the result of a joint project bringing together developers from the video game, electronics, and digital art industries.

By subtly combining electronics and code, we have created custom technology that transports you to a unique and unforgettable immersive adventure.

An unusual place

An underground world in an unusual Brussels location finally accessible to the public: the laboratory at the center of the project is located in a place where you should never have set foot.

Dystopia was designed as part of the temporary occupation SEE-U, with a shared desire to offer a new escape game in Brussels in an unusual location. We warmly thank the entire Pali-Pali team for their support.