These general terms and conditions of sale and use are available at any time on the Dystopia website in the C.G.V tab at the following address:

Article 1. Definitions and context

Dystopia is a live escape game set up by the company OXYKUBE SCRL.

These general terms and conditions of sale and use apply to any game session, and are implicitly accepted by the buyer himself and by all persons accompanying him during the game. The buyer is responsible for the disclosure of these general terms and conditions of sale to the rest of his team, and will be held responsible for any breach of these rules.

These T&Cs are also valid if the buyer obtained his place through a competition, whether organized by OXYKUBE SCRL or by a third party.

OXYKUBE SCRL’s general terms and conditions of sale and use are also available upon request from OXYKUBE SCRL’s reception staff.

Article 2. Players

The complexity of the game does not allow players under the age of 14 to participate. Minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (person over the age of 18). In case of doubt about the age of a USER, OXYKUBE SCRL reserves the right to ask for proof of identity.

The player participates in the game at his own risk. OXYKUBE SCRL cannot be held responsible for injuries or damages sustained during the game.

During their entire presence in OXYKUBE SCRL’s premises, players undertake to behave in a respectful manner, to comply with the rules and to cooperate with OXYKUBE SCRL’s staff. In this respect, OXYKUBE SCRL does not tolerate any form of violence, whether verbal or physical, in the form of harassment or intimidation towards its employees and therefore reserves the right to refuse access to its premises to any person whose behavior would be similar to the elements mentioned above. The player participates in the game in a sober state. Any use of alcohol or any other substance altering the state of consciousness is prohibited. OXYKUBE SCRL reserves the right to cancel the game in the event of drunkenness or manifest influence. For all the conditions mentioned above, the ban on access does not entitle to any compensation or refund.

Article 3. Prerequisites for the game

The buyer reserves through the website and pays at the time of reservation. The validation of payment guarantees the buyer the reservation of the time slot. The reservation email guarantees the buyer’s identity and access to the room.

Article 4. Duration of the game

The game lasts 60 minutes. In the event of a delay on the part of the player, the game will still end at the scheduled time. No extension will be granted in any case.

Article 5. Service Price

The prices practiced are available on our website at

OXYKUBE SCRL reserves the right to modify its rates at any time.

In case of cancellation, no refund will be made.

Article 6. Personal data

The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the information entered on the online reservation form on the website. The buyer agrees to receive from OXYKUBE SCRL information and commercial offers on his/her email address or on his/her mobile phone. The buyer who enters his/her telephone coordinates on the website already agrees to be contacted by OXYKUBE SCRL or any other company in the group by phone or SMS.

OXYKUBE SCRL is committed to not transmitting the personal data of its users to a company outside the group, except upon request from an authority empowered by law and in accordance with the legal provisions in force.

For any questions or complaints regarding the way we process your personal data, please contact us by sending an email to

Article 7. Safety

The players undertake to comply with all the security measures given to them, whether contractual, displayed on site or given orally by the OXYKUBE SCRL staff. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the site. All players undertake to take note of and respect the safety and fire protection instructions, as well as the emergency exits. Players may use the emergency exits if and only if the situation requires the evacuation of the premises (e.g. fire).

Players are aware that it is absolutely forbidden to bring in the premises objects considered (1) physical dangers (explosive, flammable, combustible, compressed or liquefied gas, corrosive), (2) health hazards (toxic, corrosive to the skin, irritating/sensitizing, carcinogenic/teratogenic) and (3) dangerous to the aquatic environment.

Article 8. Competent courts

These general conditions and any contract incorporating these terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law and all disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Belgian courts.